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Liv web sex chat

Julianne also posed up a storm with her husband Bart Freundlich and the younger of their two children, daughter Liv.Her better half, 47, hewed to a classic look for his ensemble, matching a black suit with black tie.Wearing a charcoal suit with a black tie, white dress shirt, black belt, black dress shoes and black-rimmed spectacles, Jerry looked snappy Monday night.At his side, Jessica wore a rather more involved look that featured pink lace trim ta the ends of her short sleeves, as well forming her knee-length hemline.

Tracy, meanwhile, had slid into a sleeveless cocktail that was solid black over the bust and featured an intricate black, grey and white design from there down.

Its wide-set trouser legs fell nearly to the floor, but the hems were cut off high enough to provide a glimpse at her black open-toed platform shoes.

Phone in hand, Elizabeth was at one point glimpsed mingling with Kristen, the pair of them both smiling as they chatted away.

'The Triumph Essence collection is really special and has both a playful, feminine and chic style, which I love,' Liv said in a statement.

The Hollywood star is also a doting mom to son Sailor, two-and-a-half, and daughter Lula, 16 months, who she shares with partner Dave Gardner.

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